Sunset at Lake Thomas, Winter Haven 03-25-15

Summer Solstice Nature Viewings: Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland

As is our tradition, we try to view and film the first sunset of Summer Solstice. This year we did just that, at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, a short 7 miles from our home.

Also were thankful to see at least 1 alligator. In visiting the reserve for 5.5 years, it's been rare that we've not seen at least 1 gator on our visits. This time it was a medium sized one in a small marsh near Heron Hideout.

The panorama of the skies before sunset was just as wondrous as sunset itself, and was worth capturing.



Pelicans & Racoons at Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland 01-26-2014

We specifically went to Circle B this morning around sunrise time (but was overcast and cool and we didn't see the sun pop through the clouds until we were preparing to leave at around 9:10 AM) to view the gathering of White Pelicans which others have seen recently.

While we didn't see them fishing as a group, there were oodles of Pelicans all over the lake. We spent nearly an hour observing them in 2 separation spots.

Enjoy the videos

Hubby joked that we spent sooooooooo loooooooong observing the pelicans that moss started growing on my bike! :)

We saw 4 scampering raccoons on Alligator Alley but only got to quickly film these 2

I liked the water shimmering with the reflection of this tree

A tree of Turkey Vultures

 A Woodstock observes us cycling along the path way beneath it

Tree of Woodstorks



Preening Eagle At Simmers Young Park, Winter Haven

During a morning walk/jog with my beagle on November 5 @ Simmers Young Park, I observed an eagle way up on the lights. It stayed there there entire hour we were there. While watchful, it was also preening.


Sunset at Marshall Hampton Reserve, 10/26/12

This sunset, the fast-blowing clouds and gorgeous colors of the evening sky compelled me to stop and capture it in its delightful display of beauty.